Oh hi! Look at you lookin’ all cute!

I’m just going to be straight here. Life can be really hard and sometimes you’re not very good at fighting in your own corner.

We need to make some changes.

Stop being so afraid to speak up or say what you think. It’s ok to tell people when they are behaving badly and it’s hurting you. Stop smiling through people’s passive aggressive comments, stop taking back handed compliments, and stop letting under handed comments slide. You don’t have to put up with that. Ever. Speak when you need to, walk away when you don’t.

Cling to the people around you that make you feel good, and stop giving the people that don’t, air time in your head or in your life. Wish them well, and let them go.

You really can do whatever you want and no one gets to decide what that is but you. Life should be fun and refreshing and exciting and holding on to what you think you “should” be or do, or say… That’s not fun, refreshing or exciting.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love with yourself. Your relationship with you is the starting point to other peoples relationships with you. People treat you the way you allow them to. They take their cues from what you put up with.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to try that thing that you can’t stop thinking about. Don’t say no to new things because you are afraid or shy or worried about making a fool of yourself. You will regret the things you didn’t try more than you’ll ever regret the things you did.

Don’t worry so much about what other people think. Other people are entitled to their opinions, but their opinions are none of your business and they shouldn’t make an ounce of difference to how you choose to live your life.

Don’t spend your life wondering what your purpose is, find your passion and DECIDE your purpose. This is your only chance at life. You won’t get today back. Make sure you make the most of it.

Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. Their journey is just that. Theirs. Everyone has their own difficulties, insecurities and hard times. Even when it doesn’t seem like it. Don’t get caught up comparing your whole story to their highlight reel.

Think about Future You all the time and make sure that your decisions take into account her (or his) happiness.

Do something every single day that you are proud of. Even if some days it’s as small as getting all the dishes done. Go to bed every night and know that tomorrow is a new chance. Focus on how you are going to use it. Do not let a bad today ruin a good tomorrow. Learn from the negative stuff, then let it go.

Speak kindly to yourself. There are enough people in the world that won’t, don’t be one of them. Become your own biggest fan and life will feel brighter.

Don’t cling to a mistake just because you have spent a lot of time making it. It’s never too late to start again.

Not all men are the same, and not all women are the same. Don’t punish someone or refuse to give them a chance because of someone else’s mistakes.

Don’t be afraid of different.

Set goals and work as hard as you can to reach them. You’ll surprise yourself every time so don’t be afraid to make them huge.

There will be hard times and you will make mistakes. Forgive yourself and always remember that even after the darkest night, the sun still rises. Time heals – take it one breathe at a time when you need to. You have a 100% survival rate up until now. You can get through anything. Keep your chin up. You’re a superhero, even when you don’t feel like it.

Be kind, work hard and build a life that you love the crap out of.

All my love,


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