I am lucky enough to be able to say that I have an amazing circle of close friends. It’s not as big as it once was, but I think that’s an inevitable part of growing up.

We celebrate each others successes, mourn with each other over losses and are there for each other for the day to day chatter about life and what is going on. I love them all and am grateful every single day for their willing ears when things get too much, my shoulder is always available when their heads need a rest and my tummy always ready for a delicious dinner when they need girly gossip time.

This however, isn’t a post about them. (Although they well and truly deserve to be endlessly bragged about.) It’s a celebration of the ‘not so close friends’ that we have in life. One in particular for me that inspired this weeks post.

We met around 4 years ago at a party I was in town for, we clicked immediately and spend the rest of the evening chatting and laughing and dancing. We met again at an event for the same girl a year later and it was the same, easy conversation and endless giggles (no dancing because terrible shoe choice. #fail).

After we exchanged numbers, we chatted almost daily. I was going through a break up, moving, worrying about bills and he was figuring out his own ‘life’ things, but instead of focussing on that we distracted each other with talk of the weather, traffic frustrations, and random fun conversations about how we’d survive on a desert island with no grown up responsibilities to worry about, or what crazy extravagant and unreasonable demands we’d have if we ever got to plan a wedding.

It became a friendship based on just that. Fun and distraction.

Life got busy and our daily chats faded to monthly then every few months. We still ‘like’ each others life events on Facebook, we watch each others Insta stories and compliment each other on great hair days on Snapchat.

It’s an easy friendship for us both. It exists mostly in the cloud but I’m grateful for it’s uncomplicated nature. Its ability to make me feel uncomplicated on my most complicated of days because they don’t know all of the details of my life, just the snap shots I choose to share and it reminds me that outside of mum-ing and housework and dinner planning, I’m still me and I’m grateful for the glimpses I get of that every now and then.

There is no pressure to keep in touch, we just do. On and off, when life allows. There are no apologies needed for that, it’s just a delightful reminder that we’re still here, happy as ever to hear from one other.

I love our ‘not so close’ friendship for everything that it is.

So here’s to the mums you look forward to seeing on Saturday mornings at kids football games for our once a week catch up, the person you bump into at every session at the gym and end up chatting to for way too long, the friend of a friend that you bonded with over a mutual love of Barbie pink lipstick that you now back and forth tag in memes on social media, the blogging friend you chat to sometimes that you’ve never met in real life but have amazingly bonded with, or the person you met at a party once and clicked with immediately who stuck around in your life in the most fun way, when you weren’t expecting them to.

To the ‘not so close’ friends that bring little rays of sunshine to our lives, each in their own special way.

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