1. People that walk painfully slowly on the footpath then stop RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALKWAY FOR WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON. Please move. You’re in everyones way.

2. People that drive slow in the fast lane on the motorway. There are signs that CLEARLY state that this lane is to be used for passing. My Grandma could pass you WALKING right now. Move. OVER.

3. When you accidentally get undressed before the shower is warmed up and it seems to take a full 9 hours to get to a bearable temperature so you stand there, on the outside and wonder why you didn’t learn from last time you got undressed before checking for optimum warmth before you stripped and sigh at your life choices.

4. The outrageously long tags on the side of some clothing brands. (I’m looking at you Cotton On.) Just why? Don’t even get me started on the fact that the scissors are ALWAYS lost when I put the tops on and remember how much these drive me mental.

5. Getting the washing out of the washing machine. Washing in general is the worst but I hate more than anything having to get the clothes out of the bottom of the barrel to hang them out. Gah. First world problems.

6. People that smoke while walking down the street. Ya NASTY. Stop it.

7. Pe0ple d@t ryt lyk dis. How do you have the time to write like this? Telling anyone about your day must take you THREE DAYS. If you have so much spare time, why don’t you come and get my washing out of the washing machine for me so I can hang it up instead?

8. Kmart’s self check outs. Does this even need an explanation? I ALREADY PLACED THE ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA LADY, STOP YELLING AT ME AND REGISTER IT!

9. Loud sniffers in the office. GET a tissue and blow your nose. PLEASE *shudder*

10. Losing my keys. I have 4 kids and one is a baby (a getting ready issue all in its own). It takes me 12 million years to get everyone ready to leave the house. I can guarantee that if by some miracle I have managed to get it done and we’re still not 9 hours late, I won’t be able to find my keys and at least one of my children will smirkily remind me that everyone is now waiting on me.


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