I should probably start by reassuring you that if I won a million dollars, I would of course do the grown up, responsible thing and pay off our mortgage, (what a dream that would be!) put a bunch aside so the kids could go to university money stress free, pay off the rest of my mums mortgage and then set my sister up with some kind of starter so that her and her boyfriend can finally give me the nieces and nephews I’m dying for.

That would take us pretty close to a million I think. We’d probably take a trip with whatever was left, or buy a car that fits us all in but doesn’t look like a school bus. (Jokes, I love our bus. Her name is Katie.) Or start a rescue puppy and kitten shelter because I cry on a regular basis about all the abandoned dogs that I can’t afford to bring home. We already have two of the most adorable rescue dogs – Brent doesn’t understand that we’d barely notice another 20.

Anyway! In a world where all our responsibilities were taken care of and I really could spend the million dollars as frivolously as humanly possible, HERE is the list of things I would irresponsibly spend a million dollars on.

1. Definitely replace all of the stairs in the house with slides with ball pits at the bottoms of all of them.

2. How would we get back up the stairs you ask? With a chair lift that looks like helium balloons are floating us back up. Obviously.

3. At least one room in my house would need to have a trampoline floor and squishy walls.

4. Heated indoor pool and flawless fake tan booth so that I can pretend I live on a tropical island and can sip on pineapple cocktails at my leisure, even in the middle of a windy Wellington winter.

5. New wardrobe, of course. But not all at once. I’d have to get in touch with the mail guys and have it all on a schedule so that something new and exciting arrived in the mail every second day (so that I’d have a day to miss deliveries so our relationship stayed strong. You know how easy it is to take a good thing for granted!).

6. ALL THE MAKEUP. (See #5 for delivery schedule.)

7. I definitely would have to turn my kitchen into a Thai restaurant so that I could eat Penang curry with crispy pork for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brent would disagree here, but it’s my million dollars to irresponsibly spend not his so…

8. Backyard bouncy castle adventure playground for the mini’s.

9. As many indoor plants as my house could handle. I love indoor plants so much. They’re good for your soul. My track record for keeping them alive and thriving isn’t amazing, but I’m sure YouTube could teach me if my jungle home depended on it.

10. I feel like we’ve definitely gone over budget slightly here, but I think a delivery schedule for Lush products is necessary on this list. (I only discovered Lush last year and I feel like so much of my life has been wasted not knowing the glory of Lush so if you haven’t heard of it yet, google it RIGHT. NOW. and soak your stresses away in all the sparkly bath bombs you can fit into your car/online shopping cart. Boys, don’t act like you wouldn’t love that too.)

I feel like this list would be hugely different if I wasn’t a stay at home mum right now because at the moment, I have so much time to think about how much more fun the four walls I spend all of my entire days in could be… BUT, for today, this is my list.

Happy Thursday! ❤

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