I think I might be stuck in a rut – I feel a little bit like poos and it’s blocking my writing chi, my housework chi and my ability to be smiley and enjoy the sunshine chi (all real things, you don’t need to google them……..) I’ve been a bit wallowy and a bit whingey. BUT, I have decided no more!

I dyed my hair pink (temporarily but SUCH a great idea) to cheer myself up and in honour of my one of my favourite quotes ever,


Here is this weeks list, things that make me happy:

1. Bubbles. In the air, in my champagne glass and in my bathtub

2. The little cloud of steam above my morning coffee. Ahh, and just coffee in general..

3. Writing in pencil

4. New bedding – it’s just a mini bedroom makeover, but it feels like a mini life makeover

5. Hair makeovers 💇 mine or anyone else’s. 95% of the people I follow on Instagram are hairdressers and I regularly get lost for hours watching their (thankfully only) 30 second amazing makeover videos.

(👆 short but accurate list of reasons why I never have my housework in order…)

6. Finding a perfect book – it’s like a holiday, but from your couch!

7. The smell of old books. But also the smell of new books

8. The sound of gravel under the car when the windows are down – it feels like summer

9. The sparkly magic of sunny frosty mornings ❄️

10. Brent’s ‘I love you’ face

11. Butterflies. Real ones and tummy ones!

12. Waterfalls

13. ‘Remember when’ conversations late at night that make you laugh til your tummy hurts

14. The mini’s giggling, especially when it’s because they’re all playing together

15. The smell of home 🏡

16. My Mama’s arms

I’ve decided to take my love of lists to the next level so watch this space for the exciting new project I’m working on! Eeep!

Happy Thursday ❤



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