It seems impossible at first. The broken heart and the pain, the disappointment, the sudden hole where another person used to be, the kinda lost feeling, it all feels like it might never end. Don’t give up hope. Time is an amazing healer.

It’s ok if all you can manage is one day at a time for a while.

There have been times where I’ve needed to take everything just one breath at a time.

Then one day, suddenly, I’ve woken up to find that I’m not just taking one breath at a time anymore, I’m breathing without having to force it.

The pain in my chest has eased and my shoulders feel lighter, looser.

Food starts to taste again. The sun comes out from behind the clouds and I remember how good it feels to really laugh. To enjoy life.

I realise that I’m back to the old me. The old me but better, stronger, wiser even.

I’ve moved on.

Thursday, List Day – in honour of moving on. Some before and afters.


– Shades of grey days and misty eyes

– Social media ‘investigation’ sessions that hurt more than help (this lesson takes the longest to learn)

– Feel consumed by feelings of anger, hurt, broken-ness, disappointment, sadness, hatred even

– Need to tell the story, as many times as you can – to try and make sense of it all and it hurts more every time

– Sad songs, 2am tears and over-thinking spirals



– Find yourself noticing that all the beautiful colours have begun to return. Like spring, but for your heart.

– Their name is no longer at the top of the search history and their old messages, gone.

– The anger is gone – you realise they don’t feature in your thoughts as much, or at all anymore. The hatred has been replaced with a sense of calm. You feel lighter, content. Bouncy even.

– Realise you haven’t told the story for a while. It doesn’t need to be agonised over anymore.

– Playlists are boppier, more upbeat – you hear the beat again instead of the broken hearted lyrics.

– 2am isn’t a regular visitor anymore.

If you’re in the process of moving on, know that it gets easier. If you’ve moved on, take a minute to be proud of how far you’ve come and what you’ve learnt about yourself. You badass rock star.


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