Well, hi.

It’s been a while huh. Almost 4 years since I left your city? Even longer since we said goodbye. 

I dreamt of you last night for the first time in as long as I can remember. Instagram suggested we be friends, maybe that’s what sparked it. The dream? We were in an ad together. You danced (of course), I spoke. We nailed it. The company probably made a heap of money. Dream commission here I come.

I hope you’re well. Alex is 7 now. He still talks sometimes about his adventures in the house we built, with you. He loved you, and I’m so grateful for his time with you. You were all in with him, that was a big deal and it sure as heck wasn’t always easy. He’ll take his memories of you with him always.

We didn’t make each other happy in the end. We bought out the worst in each other. We weren’t meant to be, but I loved you. What we had was real and I don’t regret our time together.

I was so lost when we met (again) but you loved me anyway. I’ve since learnt that you can’t be part of a successful whole as half a person. You have to be whole on your own first. I wasn’t. We could never have lasted, but you taught me so much about myself, and about life and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I’m so different now, from the Dee you knew. I took the time I needed after we ended, to find myself. To discover my passions, to remember who I was when I was alone. I’ve grown, I’ve changed, I have another son! He’s amazing. 

I bet you’re a whole new you too. Even so, I think a little piece of our hearts will always be connected. I think that’s how love works.

I still believe in all the great things you’re going to achieve in your life, with your kind heart, your hard-working spirit, your generous nature.

You’re an actor, loud, confident, flamboyant. People back away from that – they miss the beautiful, genuine, soft, loving side of you when they don’t take the time to find it and I pity them. All of your layers are worth knowing.

It’s a weird thing to go from knowing someone so completely, to being strangers overnight. It feels nice to talk to you again. Even if not really. Open letters are good like that.

I guess that’s all though, until our next dream ad collaboration!

I hope you’re happy ❤

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