I’m an emotional writer. That means that no matter what I have planned, it’s my feelings that come out when I sit down to write.

If you saw my last post, you’ll know that things haven’t been amazing lately. I think it’s easily reflected in the way I’ve been writing.

When things are tough, whether it’s a bad day, a funk we’re stuck in, or our brains struggling to balance chemicals, it’s easy to get caught up in the bad and look past all the wonderful things in life that we have that aren’t tough.

I know I have been.

So today, only a day late, this weeks list post.

Things I’m grateful for today.

When I was younger, I’d watch the family night movies where the sisters lived in the same neighbourhood, their kids grew up together, their husbands got along (or hilariously didn’t) and I wondered if it would ever be my sister and I sitting around a kitchen bench drinking wine in the middle of the day making people wonder how the heck we’re never at work but still have such fancy houses…..

After living in just about every main city in the country, I’ve finally settled in hers. While she doesn’t have kids yet, she adores mine and to see us all together from the outside, it would be hard to tell which one of us is the actual mother.

We’ve always had a bond, but now, we talk almost daily. We spend most weekends adventuring together, our partners get along and have together hobbies of their own. We have that ‘movie kind of love’ life that I always hoped for and it’s a situation I never take for granted. I feel so lucky to have what we do.

My Mum friends. The ones that are close, and the ones that are far away. The ones who are only a message away to listen, laugh and help to maintain my sanity with “oh girl, me too”’s regularly. Whose conversations never begin with “hi, how are you?” because the real conversation can’t wait for niceties and whose kids I love as much as my own.

My own Mum, who is my rock. No matter what. An endless well of wise advice, support and strength.

My not mum friends who listen to my poo stories even though they can’t relate at all. For loving me, even when kids mean that I can’t make it to as many social events as I could before. For letting me live vicariously through their crazy life and travel stories, and for being there to remind me that I’m more than just Mum. Even when drowning in poop and/or dribble.

My kids, who push the boundaries of my sanity daily, but who also show me that my love has none and just when I think I couldn’t love any of them any more, my heart explodes while I listen to them giggling together and proves me wrong.

My little space on the internet, where I’ve found a whole community of people so willing to give support and love. I never feel more myself than when I am tapping away at the keys of my laptop and my blog, in an unexpected way, has become my sanctuary.

And lastly for today, my wonderful, endlessly supportive, unbearably handsome partner, who loves me for exactly who I am. Flaws and all. He makes me a better person, and I couldn’t ask for more than exactly who and what he is. ❤

Today feels better, brighter.

Even with the rain falling outside.

What are you grateful for today?

Dee xx

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