Oh hi!

It’s been a while huh!! Life has been crazy and my poor little space on the internet, neglected. BUT, I’m back! And with more words than ever!! (There’s an unfollow button somewhere…….. But stay! It’ll be fun, I promise!)

What an insane few months it’s been! Where do I even begin?! I think I stopped writing right about the beginning of the summer holidays.

Ah the summer holidays – I love my children, but there are SO MANY DAYS!! The entire 8 week period can be summed up pretty accurately in six words.

“Mum can I have a snack?”

Seriously though, we had an amazing break. We had the chance to spend some quality time with Brent’s side of the family down South, adventured up North to see mine, and then took some time to just be together as a family at home. It was such a great summer. The weather was incredible. We sea swam more this year than we’ve ever been able to before!

Aaaand, speaking of sea swimming, I got a surf board for Christmas! It’s fair to say I am Not a natural. However. My surf board is too beautiful to give up and I feel like Catwoman in my wetsuit so watch this space.

We’re in term two of the school session, and we’re back down to a much more reasonable one snack a day regime. Alex (the 7 year old) had such a great start – we’re running into some difficulties at the moment but his school are still incredible and we’re on track to getting everything sorted for him. He’s such a superstar – we just need to figure out how to get him to remember that.

Cooper turned 1! And he’s finally walking. In true Cooper fashion, he did absolutely no walking at all, and then got up one day at 16 months old and walked around the entire lounge kicking a balloon like a football after weeks of watching his big brother play every Saturday.

I’m so nervous about this. He’s so quiet. I’m in for a world of pain from now on!!

Where has the time gone? There are so many little moments, and you feel like you’re taking them all in and appreciating them enough, but then you look back and the tiny moments suddenly all add up to a year and I can’t make sense of the maths. I just know I need it all to slow down a little.

The bigger kids are doing great. After the teenager I was for my mother, I definitely don’t deserve the angel children B’s teenagers are, but I count my blessings for them daily! They are the most wonderful kids, complete with incredible cookie baking skills – I feel so lucky to be able to share in their lives.

In un-kid related news, B ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!! In the most beautiful, Brent-like way, in our very favourite place and I couldn’t have been happier to say yes!

I had no idea it was coming and I ugly cried so hard that I’m super glad he’s not one of those incredibly organised, have a photographer waiting in the wings to capture my reaction types. The fact that he still wants to marry me is a true credit to his love for me.

(That’s us up there ☝️ a few days later – once the ugly cry stage had passed!)

The wedding planning journey is well underway. I consider eloping daily. I don’t know enough about flowers and I never knew that could be SUCH a disaster! For real though, it’s going better than I expected it to go considering I have no wedding planning experience and parties with me at the focus point give me major anxiety. I’m definitely a much better party attender than host!

I also turned 30.

After all that “quarter life crisis” drama that I found myself in towards the end of last year, I feel great. I couldn’t be prouder of where I am in life, of all the experiences I’ve had, of the amazing family I’m lucky enough to call mine and I really can’t wait for the set of life adventures that 30 will bring!

B planned an incredible surprise weekend away with most of both our families. Surprises aren’t usually his style, so this caught me hugely off guard. Yep. I ugly cried then too. (For how emotional I am, it’s really unfair that I wasn’t gifted with a more elegant cry. It’s not amazing.) I went fishing! I caught my first ever fish. Two even. We had to throw them back because they were too small, but it counts! I’m an amazing fisherwoman.

Oh there is so much more but I think that’s about enough of my rambling to ease you back in.

I’m sorry I didn’t remind you to get a cup of tea before you started.

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t make myself a coffee before I started either. I could go back and add it in to the start now I guess.

But then you’ll have tea and I still won’t have had coffee.

I’m not going to…

I’m so excited about the makeover the site has had. If you haven’t had a chance yet, have a look around! I hope you like it!

It feels so amazing to be writing again and I can’t wait to share the rest of this year with you!

Until my next ramble.With Love

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