I spend a fair amount of time at home alone with a 1 and a half year old whose longest word so far is ‘Daddy’. Some days I don’t get the chance to shower until 3pm and sometimes while I’m in there, my thoughts are so profound, they deserve to be shared.

Aaaaaand then, sometimes they’re a list of the perks of a mum bun.

You’re welcome internet, for this list.


–  Pull the hair back tight enough, instant face lift! FOR FREE!

–  No one can tell you haven’t brushed your hair in two weeks…..

–  Or washed it.

–  No heat = healthy hair!

– An every girl kind of hair style. Curly hair? Mum Bun. Straight hair? Mum Bun. Frizzy hair that cannot be controlled? Mum Bun. Not just for Mums either. Anyone can rock this do!

–  3 and a half seconds and you’re babe’n and ready for the day! Less baby nap time wasted which means more time for another attempt to drink a whole coffee before it goes cold!

–  Works with every kind of outfit. Activewear, track pants, pyjamas…. The mum bun ALWAYS has your back 👌

–  You look like you KNOW about fachun. Somewhere along the way, mum buns got cool you guys and I for one am all in on that trend.

All hail the mum bun and the day my hair was finally long enough to hold it together without the help of bobby pins 🙌With Love

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