Happy Monday!

Today’s little slice of wisdom comes from Brendon Burchard – listen as he regales the hilarious story of the time he went skydiving and the words of his instructor that changed his life.

The quote that really got me in this video was – “you were so trapped in your internal world, you weren’t learning from your external world”.

This is a lesson I’m working on at the moment.

I’m terrible for being so focussed on my internal world that I’m not learning from my external.

Worse than that, while I’m trapped inside my head picturing worst case scenarios, acting out plans for every negative eventuality of a given situation, I’m missing out on all the magical moments that are happening around me. There is so much good that I’m not seeing – instead of letting whatever will be, be! Instead of taking in the tools that the amazing, wise, inspirational people I’m surrounded by are giving me every single day and putting them to use! Instead of putting my fears, my anxieties, my negativity on the back burner and getting on with my life anyway!

I made some pretty big decisions last week (more on this to follow – of COURSE!) and I was sort of super proud of myself at the end of it all.

I stayed strong in my belief in myself, confident in my abilities and the week was a total success! The little voices of doubt didn’t even get enough air time to attempt to win out.

The fear was there – the whole time. It always will be. It’s naturally programmed in there to keep us in our comfort zones because comfort zones = safe! BUT, nothing great ever grows there! We have to step outside of it every once in a while. This is definitely easier in some situations than in others, but life is a work in progress.

“You can come along for the ride fear, but I’ll be driving today, and I’ll be picking the music.”

Have a great week!With Love


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