Ugh. Yesterday was one of those days.

I’d have stayed in my onesie all day if it had been a possibility!

I’m not sure where it came from.

The rainy weather?

That I forego breakfast most days in favour of two cups of coffee?

The fact that the only time a vegetable has come near me in the past week is when I’ve been putting it on my children’s plates?

Nowhere near enough sleep, water or exercise?


So. I let myself wallow.

We all have to sometimes!

THEN, I pulled myself together – (with the help of B (bravely) telling me to pull myself together), had a detox bath, face masked and had put myself to bed by 8.30pm.

Sometimes you need a little pampering and a little rest and an early night to recenter.

So far I’ve cleaned the lounge, showered and got myself presentable for the day, put on my favourite shade of lipstick, sorted the dishes, kids fed and readied for school, beds made, curtains opened AND found a minute to get out some rambling before I leave the house. This morning has been productive as heck and it’s not even 9am! (Ok, I know – it’s a normal amount of morning stuff, but let me have this!!)

I’ve made a pact with myself to treat myself a little better and I write this while I sit with my cup of coffee and some tomatoes on toast for breakfast while also planning a vegetable filled stir fry for dinner, before I calmly take my organised self to a daycare visit!

I feel like a new woman on this new (but equally as grey and rainy day) and I’m ready for business!

My life tip for today? Get to bed by 9 tonight. Take a bath beforehand if you can/have one – a hot steamy shower will do if not! Get a conditioning treatment in your hair, some goodness on your face, moisturise your body, put your phone away, take some deep breaths and go the heck to sleep.

Happy hump day you guys!With Love


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