I’ve been feeling pretty zen lately but. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, it’s cold and I’m getting sick so in honour of my TERRIBLE mood, please find a list of things people that make me REALLY MAD.

People that are always late! MY TIME IS AS IMPORTANT AS YOURS! Just figure your life out. Ok – I make exceptions for mums because children are demons when you’re on a timeline.. BUT ONLY SOMETIMES.

People that think they know you”better than you know yourself”. Just. No.

People that don’t indicate at roundabouts. It’s just a little flick of a switch/lever thing. WHY CAN’T YOU DO IT?!

People who take credit for things they don’t have any right to take credit for. Or boast about something like they have the right to. Like they had anything to do with how great it’s working out.

People that say things like “I’m just no good at communicating”. No apologies. No. You’re just a jerk with no respect for people, their time or their feelings. It’s a choice. I live in a house full of wildlings. I know about having no time. You find time when it’s important so what you’re really saying is that no one but you is important and to that I say, eat a poo.

People that stop in the MIDDLE OF THE FOOTPATH TO CHIT CHAT. Yo. If I’m on the footpath around a lot of people, I’m either in a hurry to get food cos it’s my lunch break, or I have a pram and in it, a child who at any moment could turn grumpy and I probably still have a whole list of things I need to get done while I’m out. GET YOUR CHATTY ASSES OFF TO THE SIDE OK.

On that. People that walk RIGHT IN THE WAY SUPER SLOWLY! Why are you like this? 😭

When you call phone lines that are all automated and none of the generated options are what you’re calling for and then it just HANGS UP. Oh my GOSH CAN I PLEASE JUST DIAL A NUMBER AND TALK TO A HUMAN. I get this is the 21st century but honestly. Sometimes computers make my life more difficult and I don’t have time for this nonsense.


People that lie.


People that make bad coffee. Can you please not because I need that little cup of life and I need it hot and delicious.

Please note, I really love most people. Some days ya just gotta rant.

On a happier note, HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Zen Danielle is on her way back. I can feel it as the cold medicine works it’s magic.

Thank goodness. With Love

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