Some days are cloudy and grey and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get the sun to come out.

Some days you’ll need to whine a little.

Some days you’ll want to wallow.

Some days you’ll want to ignore all the sensible advice from the wise, problem solving people around you not having bad days.

Some days, there just isn’t the capacity for strength.

I’m slowly learning that that’s ok.

Having a bad day, or even a couple of bad days doesn’t mean you are ungrateful.

It doesn’t mean you’re unable to see all the wonderful going on in your life, it just means you’re human and you’re having one of those days (or in my case, one of those weeks).

So. Wallow when you need to.



Throw pillows around the lounge until your arms hurt.

Store the sensible advice away if you can. At least until you’ve regrouped enough to be able to take it on board and let the bad days happen – feel all the stinky feelings that come with them without feeling guilty.

Remember that everything is temporary and that the bad days always pass.

Remember that your track record for getting through the ones before is pretty damn flashy.

Remember that life is a constant state of ebb and flow.

You can do this.

But if you don’t want to today, that’s ok too.

Try again tomorrow ❤️With Love

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