There’ll be times in life when you feel ahead, and times in life when you’ll feel behind.

Some days will feel like a breeze and some days you’ll be so busy and overwhelmed, you won’t know which way is up.

Some days your hair will fall perfectly and your skin will look glowy and you’ll feel like a million dollars.

Some days you’ll catch a glimpse of yourself in a window or in the staff bathroom and wonder who’s face that is staring back at you because you look like a hot mess.

Sometimes your house will be an organised tidy paradise sanctuary. Sometimes you’ll wonder if there is carpet under all. that. crap. and wonder if it’s a nice colour.

Some days you’ll open your wardrobe and the perfect outfit will jump out at you. Some days you’ll sit in your towel staring at that same wardrobe for half an hour and end up late because there is NOTHING to wear. At least nothing that looks any good.

Some days you’ll make good lunch choices and some days you’ll get extra loaded fries covered in all the cheesey creamy unhealthy goodness there is.

Some days you’ll be motivated and productive and get so much done you’ll feel like a super hero.

Some days you’ll lie on the couch in your pj’s all day watching YouTube and forget to eat until dinner.

Some days will be dark.

Some days breathing might feel like a full body’s work out worth of effort.

On those days you’ve just gotta pour a glass of wine and lie in a bubble bath until your fingers crinkle and take some deep breaths and remind yourself that everything is temporary.

Because some days will be beautiful.

Some days will be so full of love and light and warmth that you’ll feel like your chest could burst thinking about how lucky you are.

Hold onto that when things are tough.

And remember to take a step back when things are good – take them in. Truly appreciate and embrace life when things are good.

In the wise words of Ronan Keating, “life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it.”

In the words of me, life can be tough. But we can do this.

Because for every low that comes around, there is an equally as amazing high waiting just around the corner if you can just hold on long enough to get there.

And one day you’ll look back at the roller coaster that your life has been and you’ll be glad you held on. Because while all those amazing times were wonderful, all the tough ones were shaping you into the incredible, strong, badass human that you’ll become.

And you’ll be grateful for all of it.With Love


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