Today was a shit day.

There were shakey hands, tears and all the swears. It was long and exhausting and filled with frustration.


Today was also a great day.

There were sweet gestures from colleagues, amazing praise from my client director, a realisation that I might actually be sort of great at my job. Out of the frustrating dealings with possibly the most devastatingly spiteful and awful humans I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across, there were some victories. Some resolutions.

At last.

There were beautiful sunsets and even though we walked down to the corner store only to get home and realise we had to go back out into the cold to get the milk we’d forgotten, we held hands and debriefed about our days and discussed how even through our shitty days, through our hard times, these last few years have been the best of our lives and that in itself makes a great day. We came home smiling. Both times.

Some days are shit. That’s ok.

But even on the darkest days there are little wins.

Little glimmers of sunshine.


It’s always there.

Even if you have to pull out a microscope to see it.

Look for it.

And remember that tomorrow is another day.

With all the potential to be an amazing one!With Love

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