At the very beginning of our relationship, we had an argument.

I don’t remember what about, but I remember that I called my mum crying. She said to me “Baby. If you want this to work, when you’re fighting, you need to remember that it’s the two of you vs the problem, not you vs him. You have to stick together.”

My mama is a wise lady.

Life is tough right now.

We’ve got curveballs coming from all directions.

I’m exhausted.

When I start to doubt we can weather the storms, I hear my Mama’s voice.

“It’s the two of you vs the problem.”

And it’s always us, right there in the trenches, fighting for each other instead of with.

We’re together.

Through the sunshine and the rain.

Come at us life! (But also please ease off. I promise I’ve had enough rain to appreciate the sunshine!)With Love






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