My sister is the most incredibly talented designer – there isn’t a bone in her body that isn’t creative.

When she begins a project, she is patient, dedicated and sees it through in a way I’ve just about never been able to with anything.

Over lunch one sunny afternoon, she started telling me about how much she’d love to go hunting for old thrift store furniture, restore it, and then on-sell it.

To her, that seems like something anyone could do.

Being someone that has tried bringing an old chest of drawers back to life for my stepsons bedroom, I can confirm that it. is. not.

She bought it up in her office after our chat and found out that one of the ladies she sits beside knew someone who did just that!

Suddenly her spark was dimmed.

Maybe she didn’t want to be thought to be copying someone else’s idea, or maybe she thought she wouldn’t be able to do it as well? I don’t know.

While I was thinking about what to say to this incredible human, so bursting with creativity she almost sparkles, but was about to give up, I was reminded of all the things over the years that I’ve stopped, or lost interest in, or even felt like I’d be too behind if I started, because someone else was doing it and I realised how ridiculous we both were. How ridiculous so many of us are!

Yep, there may be someone else doing the thing you want to do.

They may have been doing it longer.

They may even do it better!

BUT! That shouldn’t stop you from pursuing something you feel passionate about. (I mean, don’t plagiarise someone else’s work – but if you have found something that will fill your days with excitement, DO IT!)

Life is so hard, and so busy and so stressful. You can’t give up on the tiny little sparks of joy that come up. (And, in this case baby girl, if you’re reading this – especially not if it’s going to ensure I end up with beautiful pieces of one of a kind furniture all through my house at ‘friends and family’ rates!!)

Sometimes I get disheartened when I’m writing. I will find myself halfway through a post and all the voices of self doubt kick in.

‘No one cares Dee’.

‘What are you doing?’,


Too often, they’ve won.

Now, in those moments of doubt, I think about what I’d say to my little sister if she came to me and said she wanted to write about her life, her experiences, her joys, her sadnesses. (It’s a word.)

I would say write for you. Write whatever you want, whenever you want and write regardless if one person is reading your work or one million. If it makes you happy, do it.

It’s too easy to compare your wo everything to others.


Our differences make the world a beautiful place.

Your work can be incredible, at the very same time that someone else’s can.

The beauty of one doesn’t take away from the beauty of another.

It can co-exist, without the need for competition, for comparison.

So do it.

Whatever it is that makes your heart flutter. And then when you’re brilliant (and I bet you could be!!), you can find all the people just starting out, and help them. Remind them that we all have to start somewhere and to never give up on their dreams. (Or their little hobbies that fill their spare time with joy.)With Love

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