I catch the train to work in the mornings.

Then I walk 15 minutes through the city to get to my office.


Today I wrote down some of the thoughts I have almost daily while on this walk.

It’s a wild ride.

You’re welcome, in advance.

What day is it? Why does it always feel like Monday?

Nope. Not this song. I should take this off my playlist. Will I? No. We went through this yesterday too. Why am I like this?

Wonder if I could justify the cost of an Uber to my office from here every day.

MUST you smoke on the footpath.

Why do you have to walk so slowly. For real though. Do all the slow walkers on the planet congregate before I leave the house and vote on who is going to walk 4 people across at TWO STEPS AN HOUR ALL THE WAY DOWN THIS STREET!?

Oo her hair is such a pretty colour. Wonder if it’s weird if I ask where she gets it done…. It’s too weird. Don’t do it. Her shoes are great too though..

Why traffic lights!? Is it that you hate me? Is this a conspiracy!?

Is that Jacob? Please don’t see me please don’t see me please don’t see me….

So hungry. All. The. Time.

Why aren’t scones fat free?

Why can’t we get skinnier the More we eat? Why hasn’t That diet become a thing? I feel like the brains of this outfit are letting us down here.

Huh, my coffee cart guy dyed his hair again. It looks cool!

Wonder what I’d look like with blue hair..

Did I remember my swipe card? YASS can get into the building.

I love how these shoes sound on these marble tiles.

Sometimes being a grown up is cool.

Why do people catch the elevator one floor? Why do you hold me up to avoid 10 stairs?! Would I be that lazy if I worked on the first floor?


Doesn’t make it any less annoying though.

Ahh work. Made it. Didn’t push anyone out into traffic.

Nailed it Dee.

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