It’s my birthday.

This isn’t the post I had planned for today.

It isn’t tomorrows either, but I have a cold and it’s utterly miserable!

Instead of spending the day eating cake, getting my nails done and being treated to dinner from my favourite Thai restaurant with my favourite sister, I’ve been in bed most of the day with tissues stuffed into my nostrils in an attempt to hold off the dripping so I could get some sleep. A sight I’m positive makes my husband realise how lucky he is to be married to me!

In honour of todays misery (that I must admit has had little glimmers of sunshine scattered throughout while I’ve been showered with love from all directions), please enjoy this list of things we never appreciate when we don’t have a head cold.

– The ability to shower without finding yourself out of breath from holding your arms up to wash your hair

– Breathing out of both nostrils

– Breathing at all through your nose even!

– Feeling warm when it’s warm, and cold when it’s cold instead of randomly shivering in the heat, or sweating up a storm on the coldest night of the year so far

– Not waking up to a puddle of drool from having to sleep with your mouth open

– Being able to enjoy music without it sounding like every note is another knife through your eardrum

– Just being able to hear in general

– The normal skin colour of your nostrils – you know not the flaming red, rubbed raw colour that even the softest tissues can’t hold off

– The normal feel of your eyeballs, instead of that dry, kind of achey feeling like they’re a little too big for your eye sockets all of a sudden

– The ability to do anything at a normal speed without feeling like you’re going to pass out

– Swallowing without feeling like you just ate 6 shattered wine glasses

– The taste of food

Not having to roll up tissues to stuff in your nostrils in an attempt to hold off the dripping so you can get some sleep

– Enjoying the sunshine instead of cursing at the weather for not matching your mood and being rainy and grey

– Not having that constant headache that somehow also becomes a whole mouth tooth ache


Even my scalp hurts.

Send healing thoughts.

D xx

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