She started a new job today.

She wasn’t looking.

Someone found out this new company were looking and asked if she’d throw her hat in the ring because they thought she was sort of perfect.

They were right, she is.

I remember the day she called me after her interview.

Her voice was full of excitement, passion, pride as she talked me through how it went.

Of course they wanted her – they offered her the job on the spot.

She’s always been my hero.

She’s always been the shining beacon of the kind of mother I want to be.

Of the kind of human I want to be.

She’s patient, kind, forgiving, hard working, caring beyond sainthood and she has made sacrifices for my sister and I our whole lives and yet she’d never let anyone speak of it because she did it so naturally. With so much love and ease.

Life hasn’t been easy for her.

Even without everything else raising two girls alone came with its own fair share of struggles. Especially while we were teenagers.

She never let us feel like we were too much.

She gently eased us in the right direction and we always ended up making the right decisions in the end.

She’s my calm in the storm, my shoulder to cry on. My well of endless wisdom.

Tonight, I’m unbelievably proud of this incredible woman and I just kinda wanted to take this chance brag about it.

You’re a shining light Mama. And I’m not biased, anyone who is blessed enough to have you in their lives would say so in a heartbeat too.


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