We’ve been spring cleaning.

It’s been excellent for my sense of calm.

We let the house get a little bit mental.

Living with teenagers and a tornado toddler will have that effect! (I blame them, but we’re as bad for letting everything slip when life gets a bit much!)

B and the big kids always laugh at how often the furniture is rearranged since I moved in. They still panic when I say it’s time for a spring clean – they know it means home makeover.

They’re still not over the great kitchen shuffle around of 2018 BUT moving everything around keeps things fresh.

Where will the spoons be today? Who knows!

It gives an excellent chance for a deep clean and there’s nothing like sitting in a different spot in a room to change your perspective.

We all need a shift perspective every now and then.

A change is as good as a holiday they say.

Welcome to your new home family!


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