It’s in the sparkle in your eyes when you look at me first thing in the morning.

It’s in the comfort and safety of your arms after a hard day when you let me cry until there’s nothing left.

It’s in your smile when you’re watching me with the kids and you think I can’t see you.

It’s in the softness in your voice when you tell me you love me.

It’s in the way you love our children.

In the way no one would know which were really yours and which weren’t.

It’s in the smirk you get when I still don’t know where we’re going, no matter how many times we’ve been there.

It’s in your face when I’m being unreasonable and you’re trying to work out how to be tough with me but you love me so much its hard for you to be firm.

It’s in the way you love the noise of our full house..

It’s in the magic you bring with you into every room you enter.

Heaven is the realness that is our lives. No pretenses, no sugar coating. Just two people being exactly who they are, together.

It’s the way we’ve grown, the way we’ve changed, the way we’ve adapted. The way we always end up closer together, no matter how rough the storm that’s forced it.

It’s in the surprise adventures you plan for us. The ones that take into account all of us, the things that excite us, the things we’ve never tried before, the things you know we’ll grumble about but end up remembering forever.

But it’s also in the lazy days at home, cleaning together, singing while we cook together, planning our futures together or just planning tomorrow’s breakfast.

It’s in all the things you do in the background when I’m overwhelmed by life, to make things a little easier for me.

It’s in the electricity in your voice when you call me your wife.

It’s in the way we link pinkies while we walk when I’m wearing my boots because heels put us too off balance to hold whole hands

It’s in the way all the love songs are still about you even after all this time.

In the way I can’t help but fall in love with you more and more every day

If heaven is anywhere, it’s right here with you ❤️

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