I love the Facebook Memories feature.

Sometimes the memories aren’t that exciting.

Sometimes they give me the chance to look back, to see how far I’ve come and reflect on how proud of myself I should be.

Sometimes, they remind me how quickly time flies.

On this day 2 years ago..

Wednesday morning musings with Cooper after already changing tops twice before 9.20am:

– will I ever not be covered in baby vomit again?

– is this just my smell now? Is my body going to think I love it and just start producing “off milk” as my natural body odour?

– should dehydration be a concern with that much dribble? Why is there SO MUCH DRIBBLE and why aren’t baby tops waterproof so you don’t keep running outta bibs?

– how do I get my eyelashes as long as his?

– thank goodness for envelope necks and wine.

They always say that those long seemingly endless days pass by faster than you think they will when you’re in them.

Cooper has always been an incredibly laid back mini human – I’m so lucky. But there were definitely days I counted down every minute until bedtime from about 6.30am.

There were definitely days  I cried at the thought of another day alone at home changing outfits on us both 16 times.

There were definitely days I walked around with the pram for hours just because it was the only way to get a break from holding him or trying to keep him entertained enough to stay quiet for some ear rest.

They’re right, those people – you forget. Even when it’s not your first time around this baby block.

But then just like that they’re two and you’re fighting with them over the last spoonful of their dinner now that they’ve learnt how to say ‘no’ with a fierceness that can’t possibly have come from you…..

And you look back at things you’ve written with fondness, ready to tell another sleep deprived mum whose under eye bags rival the darkest stormy skies, that this phase will pass before she knows it. And she’ll want to punch you for telling her she’ll miss these early days.

But you really do.

In an “I’d never ever ever go back there now, but look how tiny and sweet he was when he was asleep or for that 3 seconds he smiled that day…….” kinda way.

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