I’m Dee. Mum to two angel boys, step-mother to two angel teenagers (for real though – I didn’t know they existed!), puppy mum to two crazy beautiful rescue dogs, list obsessed, cheese addicted, singing and dancing extraordinaire (completely talentless, but an extraordinaire none the less).

As you can see from the above list of my home inhabitants, I live in preeeeetty much a zoo.

Our home is rarely quiet and our washing piles rarely under 3 metres in height.

My natural habitat is the couch with a coffee in some form of activewear, daydreaming about my next snack and/or what I’d do with a lottery win and writing – or rather, frantically typing up an addition to one of the at least 80 drafts lying in open documents all over my desktop before my Mum brain moves on and forgets whatever it is I think is brilliance at the time.

Until Now is made up of three parts.

‘Dee’s Diaries’, which is all of my meanderings  on the adventures of day to day life, my successes, my worries, my failures, my wins, my struggles and my more and more frequent random rants!

‘Motivational Monday’, where we kick off the week with some inspirational words from the grown ups (and sometimes children) of the world who have a better handle on this whole life-ing thing. My hope here is that maybe their wisdom will rub off and if not, at the very least, it’s some motivational listening (or reading) which is always a great way to kick off a Monday! Grab a coffee and join me!

And the third, ‘Mum Stuff’. The place for any and all ramblings about the crazy journey that is Mum-ing two very energetic and mischievous boys, and navigating life as a Step Mum to two teenagers. There’s nothing like an actual teenager being around to remind you that you are in fact, no longer cool, or young, or at all hip when it comes to fashion…..

If this is your first visit, hey! thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your time here!

If you’re back, HI!

Thanks for all your love and support.

You rock.With Love







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