Thoughts on my Morning Walk

I catch the train to work in the mornings. Then I walk 15 minutes through the city to get to my office. Pre-coffee. Today I wrote down some of the thoughts I have almost daily while on this walk. It’s a wild ride. You’re welcome, in advance. What day is it? Why does it always… Read More

Do It! Even if someone else is doing it too..

While I was thinking about what to say to this incredible human, so bursting with creativity she almost sparkles but was about to give up, I was reminded of all the things over the years that I’ve stopped, or lost interest in, or even felt like I’d be too behind if I started, because someone else was doing it and I realised how ridiculous we both were. How ridiculous so many of us are! Read More

Some Days

  There’ll be times in life when you feel ahead, and times in life when you’ll feel behind. Some days will feel like a breeze and some days you’ll be so busy and overwhelmed, you won’t know which way is up. Some days your hair will fall perfectly and your skin will look glowy and… Read More